Our Blended Learning approach

Our Blended Learning approach

Our VWU classes are in-classroom courses with blended learning components. Our classes are built on the most modern methods, digital elements and blended learning approaches.


Our VWU German classes consist of four in-classroom and one online course day. This Blended Learning approach is a reaction to the new learning reality that our students face. At university as well as in work environments, online learning and the usage of digital tools are a requirement nowadays for which we prepare our students in the best way possible. Moreover, Blended Learning trains viable self study skills that will be necessary throughout your university path. Our courses train all language skills, conveyed through a mixture of modern, communicative methods and supported by the targeted implementation of digital tools and apps, during in-classroom as well as online sessions.

Technical Equipment

Please make sure that you have the necessary equipment.

  • You will need a computer/laptop with microphone, headphones/speakers and a webcam
  • You will use the learning platform Moodle and the virtual collaboration tool Zoom as virtual classrooms
  • The recommended bandwidth of your Internet access is 1,5 Mbps/ 1,5 Mbps (up/down). Here is a link to a speedtest to check your connection speed: speedtest.net