How can I get my registration confirmation?

Your registration confirmation will be ready to download from our Moodle platform after you’ve registered and paid for the course.

How can I get a course confirmation for the MA35?

You can find your course confirmation on our Moodle platform after the course has ended.

How does the placement test look like?

The placement test consists of a written part (60 minutes) and an oral part (approx. 10 minutes).

I need the registration for my visa. Can I register for VWU German courses from my home country?

You have to register in person. Information about visa and residence permits is available at the OeAD website.

Can I book an accommodation with you?

No, you have to seek accommodation on your own.

Can I attend the university preparation programme as an EU citizen?

Yes, you can.

Can I take the supplementary examination EPD without attending a course?

Yes, you can. However, you need an official letter of admission to register for the examination.

Can I provide other proof of language proficiency instead of completing the university preparation programme?

Yes, you can. However, once you are registered for a university preparation programme course, you have to prove your German skills by passing the EPD.

Why is there a different fee at VWU?

There is a reduced fee at VWU that applies for some countries, students with asylum status and students with subjects that already have advanced knowledge of German.

How can I get an enrolment confirmation for health insurance at Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse?

You will get the confirmation after registering at your course institution. The confirmation will be ready to download on our Moodle platform.

Why are the courses not linked with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)?

Courses of the Preparation Programme prepare for the supplementary examination that tests the language skills needed to successfully complete your studies at a Viennese university. These skills cannot be described by the CEFR. You can find details to course levels in the Preparation Programme here.

I have to do supplementary examinations in German and other subjects. What level of German do I need in order to do the subject courses at VWU?

You need to have advanced knowledge of German (level FG). You enrol at a cooperation partner and do the entry test there. In case your knowledge of German is sufficient you will be transferred to VWU for all courses.

What does the placement test look like?

The entry test consists of a written part(60 or 90 minutes) an an oral part (approximately 10 minutes).

I will arrive in Austria after the course start. What are my options?

Enrolment after the course start is not possible. You have to wait till enrolment period for next term opens. Note that there might be serious issues with migration authorities so please plan your entry carefully beforehand.

Which kind of visa do I need?

For details on entry to Austria please see here. Make sure to plan your entry to Austria according to enrolment deadlines.

Is registration also possible from my home country?

No. Registration is in-person in Vienna, therefore you have to be in Austria to register for a course.

When can I sign up for a German course?


Is it possible to attend courses of the Preparatory Programme without being a student?

No, you can only attend courses with an admission letter of a Viennese university that states one or more supplementary examinations. More information: www.vwu.at

Where can I register for a German course?

die Berater®, Wipplingerstr. 32/23-25, 1010 Vienna

What do I need to register?
  • University admissions letter
  • Passport
  • Money for course fee and material costs (To be paid either in cash or by card. Payment by installments is not accepted.)
When can I do a placement test?

You will be given an appointment for your placement test when you register

I already have a certificate for my German course, do I still need to do the placement test?

Yes! Every student has to do a grading test so we can properly assess your existing language skills to make sure you get put in the right course.

Can I choose my course times?

You will be allocated a course that corresponds to your language skills. But we are happy to try and accommodate your preferred times.

How often do I have to attend the course?

The courses take place on Mondays to Fridays. You will receive a detailed schedule at the beginning of the semester. You must attend at least 70% of course lessons each semester.

What is a ‘bonus test’?

Progress tests can also be called bonus tests. If you pass these tests during the semester, you will only have to pass a speaking test at the end of the semester and will be excused from the written part of the test.

Where can I buy the textbooks for my course?

In any bookshop or on the internet.

Do I have to take the supplementary German test after two semesters?

No, you can keep attending the courses for longer (up to four semesters) before you take the EPD.

What if I still haven’t passed the supplementary German test after four semesters?

In some cases, a fifth or sixth semester may be approved by the VWU commission.

What students are eligible for a sponsored German course at the VWU-Kern in Sechshauser Straße?

Students from certain countries, students that are also asylum seekers, recognized refugees and students with subsidiary protection in Austria, as well as students with supplementary tests from another subject if they already have advanced German language skills.

What do I need to know for the supplementary German test and what’s the test like?

You will find out all about the test’s content and structure on our learning platform and during the course.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Contact die Berater® directly or send your question using this form: