Why us

6 reasons you should take the German Course for VWU at die Berater®

  1. The skills of a leading provider of further training with an international attitude

We advise companies and institutes when it comes to further education and training, and specialize in language, personality and IT training. Since our founding in 1998, we have trained 350,000 people on our courses. Our team represents 18 different nations.

  1. Learning German – we know how!

We are one of Austria’s largest language institutes and boast more than 18 years of experience in German courses for all levels and a range of target groups. Our well trained and motivated language teachers know just how to make sure you reach your training goals.

  1. You receive honorary student status with all benefits

We are an official partner of the VWU. As a participant of one of our courses, you are an honorary student and can make use of all benefits, discounts and facilities available to students. You can even benefit from student health insurance.

  1. Our learning platform provides you with an additional online learning network

On our learning platform, you can access additional practice material and information about the organization. You can also get in contact with other students to study or for other activities such as excursions, celebrations, sports, visiting cultural events etc.

  1. We provide you with additional support outside our courses

When living abroad, dealing with official channels can quickly lead to bureaucratic hurdles. We help you deal with the administration involved in your German course. To make sure you keep to deadlines and always have the right documents at the right time.

  1. Feedback from former participants

We continuously receive excellent feedback for our courses by participating students. Find a selection here: