How can I get my registration confirmation?

Your registration confirmation will be ready to download from our Moodle platform after you’ve registered and paid for the course.

I need the registration for my visa. Can I register for VWU German courses from my home country?

You have to register in person. Information about visa and residence permits is available at the OeAD website.

Why is there a different fee at VWU?

There is a reduced fee at VWU that applies for some countries, students with asylum status and students with subjects that already have advanced knowledge of German.

I have to do supplementary examinations in German and other subjects. What level of German do I need in order to do the subject courses at VWU?

You need to have advanced knowledge of German (level FG). You enrol at a cooperation partner and do the entry test there. In case your knowledge of German is sufficient you will be transferred to VWU for all courses.

I will arrive in Austria after the course start. What are my options?

Enrolment after the course start is not possible. You have to wait till enrolment period for next term opens. Note that there might be serious issues with migration authorities so please plan your entry carefully beforehand.

Is registration also possible from my home country?

No. Registration is in-person in Vienna, therefore you have to be in Austria to register for a course.

Is it possible to attend courses of the Preparatory Programme without being a student?

No, you can only attend courses with an admission letter of a Viennese university that states one or more supplementary examinations. More information:

Where can I register for a German course?

die Berater®, Wipplingerstr. 32/23-25, 1010 Vienna