Courses for VWU

Your shortcut to studying in Vienna

Our German Courses for the Viennese University Preparation Program will efficiently prepare you for the supplementary German test that you need to take before you can begin studying in Vienna. Our course rooms are spacious, come with modern equipment, and are easily reached using public transport.

Step by Step
Course levels

You will be allocated a course level that corresponds to your language skills based on the results of the placement test you have to take. The courses include 320 45-minute teaching units each semester, and take place five times per week. There are a maximum of 24 students in each course.

AN – Beginner without prior skills
AV – Beginner with limited skills
EV – Learner with good skills
FG – Advanced
WF – Advanced plus

You don’t have to take part in all course levels. It is possible for you to take the supplementary German test (EPD) after the FG or WF course. Depending on their progress, even beginners without prior skills can take the EPD after just 2 semesters. Students are allowed to attend courses for up to four semesters before taking the EPD. In some cases, a fifth or sixth semester may be approved by the commission.

Winter Semester 2023/24:
  • 28.09.2023-02.02.2024
  • Morning course: Mon: 08:15 to 11:20, Tue to Fri: 08:15 to 11:55 with 20min break
  • Afternoon course: Mon: 12:10 to 15:15, Tue to Fri: 12:10 to 15:50 with 20min break
  • Evening course: Mon: 16:00 to19:10, Tue to Fri: 16:00 to19:40  witn 20min break
  • 1 teaching unit (UE) = 45 minutes
  • UE per day (Tue to Fri): 4.5 UE
  • UE on Mondays: 4,0 UE (online)
  • Please note that our courses follow a Blended Learning concept: 4 days in-classroom, 1 day online per week
  • Course allocation depends on students’ results at the placement test. If you have any wishes regarding specific course times, please let us know before or at your placement test . After this time it will not be possible to deal with your request. Please understand that the placement is done on a centralised basis and that not all wishes can be taken into account. We therefore cannot guarantee a specific course time.
Course location:

Handelskai 388, 1020 Vienna or home-learning